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The National African American Missions Council

NAAMC is recognized globally as a trailblazer in the world of missions and sets the standard for excellence in mobilizing African Americans and People of Color.

Since 2014 NAAMC has worked tirelessly to transform people into effective advocates in establishing a global missions ministry within their local church. We promote short-term experiences in missions that often lead to long-term service. We equip church influencers and innovators to help revive the African American missions focus and take action towards keeping their church engaged in the Great Commission.

Our Mission: 

To give birth to missions’ innovations that help fulfill the Great Commission.

Our Vision: 

To see African Americans

and multi-ethnic churches mobilized for global missions.

Meet Our Leaders

Bishop David Perrin
Bishop David Perrin

Creating African American paths to mission involvement.


Bishop David Perrin is a visionary leader, kingdom builder, and compassionate communicator of the gospel of Jesus Christ. With a passion for making disciples, he has traveled to six continents planting churches throughout North America and Africa pursuing his desire to see the Great Commission fulfilled. In 1999 he established Boundless Ministries Inc. an organization focused on equipping, mobilizing, and resourcing churches and individuals for world-wide ministry. He is the Senior Pastor of Christ Kingdom Church located in Prince George's County, Maryland, and husband to Lady Allethia Perrin. Formally trained in the arts, Bishop Perrin is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. His simplistic eye-opening ministry style mixed with dramatic illustrations and prophetic insight make him a well sought after conference speaker and ministry mentor. He is the founder of the National African American Missions Conference (NAAMC) and in 2018 launched the new International Missions Conference (IMC) to help nations equip leaders for cross-cultural missions. 

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CEO and Chairman of the Board

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Chief Operating Officer

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Deaconess Cordell Weaver

Director of Finance


Kabrena Severe

Youth Conference Director

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Larry Fox


Director of Teens in Missions

NAAMC TEENS IN Missions Spirit Mark Tran
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