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Missions Award Application

The National African American Missions Council (NAAMC) Mission Award Program (MAP) is proud to offer the Monthly NAAMC Council Awards – in support of Black and African American missionaries.

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The National African American Missions Council established the Missions Award Program (MAP) to resource missionaries and missional projects to advance the Kingdom of God. Since its inception in 2013, the program has raised over $70,000.00 in support of first-time missionaries and missionaries returning to service.


MAP supports both short-term (less than 12 months) and long-term (more than 12 months) missionaries requiring financial assistance in completing their ministry assignments. Additionally, the program also supports domestic missions, foreign missions, as well as missions ministry projects such as: Bible distribution, church planting, discipleship training leading to missions involvement, etc.

Award Categories


Council Awards are awarded once a month and are sponsored by donors and organizational partners within our network for a minimum of $1,000.00. Awards are named in honor of historical African American missionaries and applications are due by the 20th of each month.  

Conference Awards are awarded at the annual NAAMC Conference during the Legacy Ceremony and are a minimum of $3,000.00. All awards are named in honor of African American Missionaries (living or deceased). The application period runs from April 15 – June 1 annually.

Monthly Council aWARD


May 2022

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Council Award Recipients

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Jaclyn Green

Reverend Jaclyn M. Green has had a clarion call to missions and nonprofit impact work in the USA and other countries, since at the age of eight. From adolescence Jaclyn as been connected to missionaries; and has personally worked with nonprofit organizations voluntarily/professionally since middle school. Jaclyn has witnessed the impact of serving on the front lines of life through missions, ministry, nonprofit and humanitarian aid. Yet one missions trip to Kenya, East Africa she waited 25 years

Majeedah Murad

Majeedah Murad began her legal career almost 20 years ago as a local government attorney in Florida. She later practiced bankruptcy law in Dallas, Texas. In August 2019, after feeling called to missions for many years, Majeedah left private practice and became a missionary attorney with Wycliffe Bible Translators. As Senior Counsel she handles a variety of legal issues. Majeedah’s service in a critical support role makes it possible for other missionaries to fulfill their callings, and allows he

Tim Byrd

Timothy is married to his best friend Niai and they have four children. Timothy has worked under local churches with Campus Outreach in South Africa (13 years) and now Zambia (4.5 years) focused on evangelism and discipleship. Their vision is to trust God that through the lives of passionate university students, Zambia would become a gospel-saturated launching pad for expanding Campus Outreach Regions and missionaries into the nations of Africa and beyond for the glory of God.

September 2021 Betsy Stockton Pioneer Award (1)

Doctors Reginald & Deborah Freeman are the Co-founders of Across The Nations International Ministries. They are full time missionaries in Uganda where they sponsor children education programs, teacher salaries, youth enrichment and sports programming. The Freemans also establish "Care Bear" homes to support developing missionaries as well as missionary training programs and substance abuse education.

Waheedah Masinga Award (1)

Having served in various orphanages throughout Eswatini, Waheedah currently leads the Invested Love program which is a girl’s mentoring program where leaders in the community are trained to empower the African girl child. 50% of girls in Eswatini will experience some sort of abuse in childhood, making Eswatini a country with one of the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS. .

Mark Slone Award

Mark is a full-time missionary from Good Hope Baptist Church in Houston, Texas where he has served as the Missions Director. Leading local outreaches to the poor Mark will soon relocate to Uganda, East Africa, where he and his wife will serve as full-time missionaries. .


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Rebekka Protten
George Liele Award
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Rebekka Protten
Mobilization Award

George Liele Award.png

George Liele

Ambassadors Award

(1752 - 1828)

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Dr. Don Davis

Missions Education Award


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Rebecca Protten

Mobilization Award

(1718 - 1780)

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Bishop David Perrin

Missions Innovation Award


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