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Partner With Us!

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We work with each partner to identify unique and valuable ways of forging mutually beneficial relationships. Below is a list of potential ways your organization can partner with NAAMC; the list is not exhaustive, and we welcome new opportunities for strategic partnerships. If you are interested in starting a conversation about the possibility of becoming a NAAMC partner, please contact Sandra Torres-Hudgins, Director of Partnerships.

Potential Areas of Partnership

Resourcing Partners

  • Mission Awards Support – partners can pledge a certain amount annually to the various awards we offer to both long-term and short-term missionaries.

  • Conference Operation Support- partners can sponsor a certain amount towards NAAMC administrative & operational cost, marketing efforts, and venue expense.

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Mobilizing Partners

  • Leadership Vision Trips- partners can support NAAMC in mobilizing short-term mission trips for pastors and leaders who are being introduced to the mission field for the first time.

  • Discovery Trips- partners can support NAAMC in mobilizing first-time missionaries to the field via short-term mission trips.

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Equipping Partners

  • Missions Training- partners can sponsor training programs for NAAMC conference attendees and network churches and ministries. This includes sponsoring NAAMC regional seminars/workshops conducted throughout the year.

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Networking Partners

  • Network & Marketing – partners work with NAAMC in producing marketing campaigns and networking events that promote the involvement of African Americans in missions.

  • Conference Enhancement Projects- partners work with NAAMC in providing products and services that will enhance the NAAMC conference experience.

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