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The SM Movement is a ‘movement’ dedicated to the mobilization of all God’s people into meaningful involvement in the world Christian movement, through the formation of a biblical worldview that sees ‘mission’ as the ‘call’ upon every believer’s life and the primary purpose of the existence of the Church – both universal and local.

Simply Mobilizing has a vision to see all God’s people mobilized for the world Christian movement. Our courses and programs are specifically developed to help form a missional worldview leading to engagement with God, on mission, in today’s world.


with a member of our mobilization team, live!

Isaac Chan, O Jun Kwon, Randy Hultman (In the i-pad)

Joshua Rodenbaugh (tall guy), Josh Britnell, and Colleen Di Raddo

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Thursday: 2:00 - 5pm EST

Friday: 2:00 - 5pm EST

Saturday: 2:00-5pm EST

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