We seek to Mobilize the whole Church to its Kingdom purpose by getting every member involved, so every people group will be included.  (Eph. 4.16, Mt. 24.14). 


with a member of our mobilization team, live!


Online Standards Introductory Workshop: Making Your Mission Trips Better

We have an Online Standards Introductory Workshop coming up October 20, 21, 27, and 28 and we would like to invite NAAMC participants. In fact, use the code "NAAMC" and you'll receive a 25% discount on registration. 


SOE’s Standards Introductory Workshop (SIW) is a 10-hour seminar designed to help short-term mission leaders and mobilizers make their mission trips better.

We’ll look at all Seven Standards and how these are key elements of successful, God-honoring mission trips. The workshop is taught by experienced SOE trainers, are interactive, and use case studies and small group discussions.

You’ll discover the benefits of The Standards and begin applying them to your specific ministry context!


The cost is $150 ($112.50 if you use the code "NAAMC")


You can register at: https://soe.org/workshops/online-standards-introductory-workshop-2/

Thursday: 2:00 - 5pm EST

Friday: 2:00 - 5pm EST

Saturday: 2:00-5pm EST

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