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The mission of Sowing Seeds of Joy is to connect, equip, train, and mobilize all people,
with a special emphasis on people of color, to advance God’s Kingdom through global missions. Sowing Seeds of Joy cultivates the short-term missions experience, strengthens, encourages, enhances, build-up, and ultimately change the lives of its participants.
Short term mission trips with SSOJ are designed to change the life of participants to serve God's Kingdom with excellence. In collaboration with Boundless Ministries and NAAMC, SSOJ Co-founders Ron and Star Nelson designed the Missionary Certification Program/curriculum for individuals who are seeking to serve with excellence on the missions field for either a short or long-term stay. Let SSOJ introduce you to the Missionary Certification Program; go to 
to learn more and/or to register. You can also
email us at with request to know more.


with a member of our mobilization team, live!

There will be an Interest Meeting on Zoom for Individuals wanting information on the Missionary Certification Program on Thursday, July 16th at 7:00 pm EST. If you want to be a participant as a Student or a Mission's Coach to mentor a Student in the program, please attend this meeting to have all of your questions answered.


Visit and email to receive the meeting link on Thursday, July 16th.  

Ron and Star Nelson
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Thursday: 2:00 - 5pm EST

Friday: 2:00 - 5pm EST

Saturday: 2:00-5pm EST

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An Invitation to join Sowing Seeds of Joy


Testimony from missions pastor Ridgeways Baptist Church Kenya


Testimony from Pastor and First Lady Hall of Mayfield Missionary Baptist Church

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