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TEAM exists to help believers like you make disciples wherever God leads. Since our founding in 1890, we’ve equipped missionaries to plant reproducing churches around the world, through a wide range of ministries. Whatever your skills and passions, God has a role for you — and we want to help you find it.


with a member of our mobilization team, live!

Work Re-imagined: Serving Together in Missions


Experience an interactive exploration of current opportunities for serving God in different places and among different communities worldwide.  What opportunities are there for you to minister among Hindus or Muslims, Buddhists or Secularists? 


Where can you be involved with Creation Care, Social Justice and/or Discipleship efforts?  How can you use your training in the Marketplace or in an International Church?  Our panelists will connect you to their personal settings across the Globe!  Come and make sure to bring your questions!

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Tasha Eckenhoff
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