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Our diverse and kinetic community of believers draw inspiration from the Evangelical tradition, sparks dynamic interactions, and produce revelations for African Americans

and multi-ethnic congregations

seeking to equip and mobilize

African Americans for global and

local missions.


Please enjoy the list of videos.

We pray that these presentations

foster a thirst for even more

creativity, conversation, and strategy in the cross-cultural missions.

"Partners in Racial Reconciliation"

 A Panel Discussion

Pastor Adrian Reeves | Executive Director, NAAMC


William O'Neal | Missionary, TMS Global

Adrienne Livingstone | Missionary, World Venture

Nesbert Vaval | Missionary, TMS Global

Jared Sober | Associate Pastor, Bridgeway Community Church

Video Library

Main Hall

Boldly Proclaiming

the Gospel

of the Kingdom

The National African American Missions Council, NAAMC is pleased to invite you to watch and listen to our 2021 Virtual Experience: Missions Rediscovered...Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Main Hall

The National African American Missions Conference invites you to come and join us at the table where Black and white brothers and sisters will sit down and unpack the challenging issues of race relations within the body of Christ.

In the Special Edition Topics video section, we feature dynamic speakers with the finger on the pulse of African American missions. Tune in to hear powerful speakers, the latest tips, and engaging topics as we work to equip African Americans to the field.

Missions Reimagined: From Here to Everywhere!

NAAMC 2020 "Missions Reimagined…From Here to Everywhere" Was our first virtual event. It featured a combination of power talks from guest speakers, interactive workshops, and an engaging exhibit hall experience.

2021 Virtual Experience: Missions Rediscovered
...Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom