Everyone deserves access to God’s Word. You’re invited to join a movement of global proportions. The Church cannot shirk at the enormity of the Great Commission. 
Wycliffe trusts God’s heart and purposes for the people of the earth and follows the conviction that, in faith, God will complete the seemingly impossible goal of having a Bible translation project underway in every language on earth so every community can be transformed through Scripture they understand.
Technology has dramatically sped up the work of Bible translation, but speed is not the primary goal. Instead, the first commitment must be to clear, accurate and natural translation. The work is done using the following guiding principles: relationship, partnership, stewardship, ownership and accelerated impact.


with a member of our mobilization team, live!

“Pastor’s Leading Change: Moving Your Congregation to Greater Works.” 

  • How pastors must drive the interest

  • Ways your church is engaging around the world

  • Getting the youth involved (skip this if you see your time is running short)

  • Special pastors track at the next NAAMC 


The time is 3:00 EST, this Friday July 10.  No registration is needed, just click on the new link below at the scheduled time.

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